(NZ Champs)

General rules

NZ CrossFit Championship:

The NZ Champs is an annual New Zealand competition to determine New Zealand’s CrossFit Licensed Event winner in NZ.

 NZ Champs consists of both online and in-person competitions that form the CrossFit Licensed Event. Starting with the online Individual competition and ending with an in-person Individual and Team event. The Individual Qualifier is the first stage of the NZ Champs. It includes a series of tests, with one or more tests released as stated in Competition Corner. The qualifier tests are released on the competition corner website. Athlete performances in each test are judged, validated, and ranked on the competition corner Leader board. The top qualifying individual athletes from each division will qualify to compete at the next stage of the competition. Precise start and end dates for the NZ Champs will be announced on the competition corner website.


Any athlete/ Team wishing to participate in the NZ Champs must complete the registration process in time to be eligible to compete in the NZ Champs season. NZ Champs reserves the exclusive right to allow or deny the participation of any athlete. NZ Champs also reserves the exclusive right to validate or invalidate any athlete’s scores submitted for the purpose of qualifying for the Event. NZ Champs will make such participation and scoring decisions to preserve the integrity of the competition. 

NZ Champs reserves the exclusive right to invite past winners, guest athletes, teams, or others to participate in any stage of the competition. This decision may be made to preserve the tradition and spirit of the NZ Champs.


Every competing athlete must register online at the competition corner. 

WAIVERS, athletes must agree, without limitation, to comply with the rules and guidelines stipulated in the NZ Champs Rules, the Assumption of Risk Waiver.

All athletes competing at the in-person event must be registered as an athlete on the CrossFit website. (not required for the online qualifier)

Athletes registering must be a New Zealand citizen or hold a current NZ work visa to be eligible to place and be titled on the podium. Any noncitizen athlete can compete and collect prize money on the podium, but the title of the New Zealand Championship will go to the first New Zealand citizen.

Teams must have all athletes as New Zealand citizens to be eligible to place and be titled on the podium. Any noncitizen athlete can compete and collect prize money on the podium, but the title of New Zealand Championship will go to the first New Zealand citizen.


 More than one team may come from a CrossFit affiliate gym as long as all members of each team meet the eligibility requirements. Team members may not switch between teams. Teams may sub out an athlete that has been injured prior to the competition start. Once the competition has started and if any changes are made in a team this will result in no more points awarded from that point. The team may carry on in the competition.


 Judges are responsible for enforcing movement and test standards, and for confirming the athlete’s score. Athletes will be asked to submit their judge’s name on the score submission page. 

The results of videos reviewed by public judges may be combined with video reviews performed by the NZ Champs internal review team. Individual qualifiers are encouraged to have their judge complete the CrossFit Games Judges Course, available online at Passing the current year’s version of the Judges Course is a prerequisite for someone judging athletes participating in finals. 


Scores must be submitted by the time allocated as per competition corner. Any score submission received after the deadline will not be accepted for any reason. Athletes must have their scores confirmed by:  Performing the test at a gym in good standing and uploading a video of their test to competition corner. It is the sole responsibility of the athlete to ensure the timely and successful submission of test scores and videos as per the required dates on competition corner. Submissions that are incomplete (missing information such as the complete score, the judge’s name; or containing video links that do not work; etc.) will not be accepted. 

Reasons for modification of a score include but are not limited to

  • Failure to produce a clear and concise  video submission, including recording movements from angles, distances, or with lighting effects that do not allow judges to assess whether the movement standards are being met (Note: Due to the visual distortion they create, fisheye lenses are not to be used in the filming of video submissions.)
  • The athlete in the video is blocked by a pull-up rig or other obstruction.
  • Violation of the test format, including movement standards.
  • Workout attire that prevents the judge from determining whether the athlete is meeting the movement standards. •
  • Miscounting repetitions. Video submissions may be invalidated or adjusted without warning and after the close of a competition. Athletes submitting videos should have someone monitor their movement during the test to ensure each repetition meets the required standards. Prior to submitting a video, athletes should review the video to ensure their reps meet the required standards; the camera angle, distance, and lighting permit the judge to determine whether the movement standards are being met; and there are no technical problems with the video itself. 

Video submissions will only be accepted in a YouTube format, link must be supplied.

Invalid: NZ Champs reserves the right to invalidate a score submission if it is determined that the athlete is acting with malicious intent to manipulate the test to gain an unfair advantage. If an athlete’s score is invalidated, all of their scores for the competition will be removed from the leaderboard. Note: A score adjustment occurs when an athlete’s score needs to be modified based on miscounted reps, no reps, or a combination of the two. 


Appeals, scoring discrepancies, or questions about the judging or scoring of online videos will be handled through . Only the affected athlete may appeal a result. Coaches or unrelated parties may not appeal on behalf of the affected athlete. Athletes may not raise an appeal against another athlete based on their judging, scoring, or performance. Violation of the judging standards by a gym may result in disciplinary action against the affiliate and/or judge(s) involved. During the appeals process, meeting submission requirements and deadlines is still the responsibility of the athlete. 

In the email, they must list the test in question, the original score, the modified score, and the reason given for the score modification. They must also provide a brief explanation for why they are appealing the decision. NZ Champs will review the athlete’s appeal and the video in question to render a final scoring decision. This decision will be communicated to the athlete via email. 


Athletes will be ranked on the CrossFit Games leaderboard based on their performance relative to other athletes in their division. We will be using this ranking to invite a set number of athletes to the in-person competition. This will be at the discretion of NZ Champs.


During the registration process, teams will need to declare their Competition Team roster. The team roster will consist of: a maximum of four (4) athletes ¡ Two (2) men ¡ Two (2) women. These athletes will represent the team for the in-person comp. Once the members of the team have been selected, the Competition Team roster is locked for the remainder of the competition. If a member of the team is injured prior to the start of the competition, this member can be subbed out and replaced. If a member is injured jurying the comp, then the points tally will be stopped at that point, the team is able to sub out a member, but no further points can be obtained for the remainder of the comp.


The leader board will be set and used to determine which athletes are advancing to the in-person competition only after the video review process is complete. The leaderboard will be finalized no later than August. The top 24 men and 24 women from each division will advance to the New Zealand Championship to compete for the title of NZ CrossFit Champion. 


 One coach per individual athlete or team is allowed in the warm-up area. The coach must present the required credentials to enter this area. All other competition areas, including the Athlete Area, are off-limits to coaches and non-working staff. Any additional coaches, personal therapy providers, or athlete entourages are considered general admission spectators and will not be allowed to access warm-up areas or restricted athlete-only areas. 

Any athletes using their own personal therapy providers (masseuses, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc.) must do so in designated locations only. 


 Cash prizes will be awarded to the top performers. All cash prizes will be paid in NZ dollars. Event winners and other compensated athletes may be required to present valid identification to claim prizes. Prize money will be deposited to the winner’s bank account within 1 month of the completion date.


If for any reason New Zealand Championship is not capable of running as planned by reason of tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of NZ Champs, which, in the sole opinion of NZ Champs, are corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the NZ Champs, NZ Champs reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the New Zealand Championship and select the winner from among all eligible, non-suspect registrations or submissions received prior to cancellation, termination, or suspension. NZ Champs has no obligation to operate or produce the New Zealand Championship (or any part thereof), and there is no obligation to broadcast the NZ Champs, even if the NZ Champs take place. In the event the NZ Champs competition is cancelled, NZ Champs (or any party) has no obligation to award any prize money. In the event that the NZ Champs competition is modified, NZ Champs reserves the right to modify the invitation process including updating who is invited to compete, who may be backfilled to compete, and limiting the number of athletes eligible to compete. The NZ Champs may also modify the number of divisions that will be competing. All decisions by NZ Champs concerning eligibility, qualification, and judging related to the NZ Champs are final and not subject to challenge or appeal. 


Proper workout attire, including shoes, is required for all tests. No attire shall interfere with a judge’s ability to determine whether the required movement standards and expectations for range of motion are being met. No attire shall be worn with the intent to shorten or reduce the range of motion of any movement. Chalk, weight belts, non-tacky gloves, gymnastics wraps, hand tape, neoprene joint sleeves, and common fitness wear may be allowed during competition. In general, support gear that improves safety and/or comfort but does not confer advantage is allowed. Should the test call for a pull-up bar, athletes may NOT wrap tape around the pull-up bar. Athletes may wear hand protection (gymnastics-style grips, gloves, etc.). Athletes may not use protective gear in a manner that provides additional grip assistance or weight support, e.g., wrapping a gymnastics grip around the bar for deadlifts or pull-ups. 



Elite Female

Elite Male

: Must be able to complete all movement standards as prescribed and to a standard that simulates the CrossFit Semi-Finals.

Intermediate Female

Intermediate Male

: Must be able to complete all movement standards but to a less repetition amount or weight reduction.

Scaled Female

Scaled Male

: Must be able to complete basic movement standards at less repetition and less weight.



: Must be able to complete all movement standards as prescribed and to a standard that simulates the CrossFit Semi-Finals.


: Must be able to complete all movement standards but to a less repetition amount or weight reduction.


: Must be able to complete basic movement standards at less repetition and less weight.